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Accounts can get lost when you change jobs. We'll search through available records and even contact your former employer(s) to locate your account details.

Lost Your 401(k)? We'll Find It!

Keep Everything in One Place

Once we locate your 401(k) account(s), we can consolidate them for you and incorporate into your existing financial plan. 

Powerful Search Tools

We'll search databases and reach out to your previous employer(s) to find your account information.




We'll recover access and information to your account so we can decide how best to manage it.


Management + Guidance

Once we recover your account, we'll be there to help you manage it. We can guide you on the best moves and integrate into your financial plan.


How It Works

Once we find it, you can forget it!


We've got you covered.

Work With Us

We're passionate about finding you the best investment options. Click below to chat with us and see how we can help you Forget Your 401k worries.

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